The One With The Meat & Veg


This amazing meat and vegetable box was created by Sam from the Food Junkie UK. You can see the review on her Instagram channel by searching @foodjunkie_uk.

The Meat and Veg Box contains the following:

2kg Pork Loin Joint, 500g Rindless Back Bacon, 2 Pork Loin Steaks, 2 Chicken Supreme French Trimmed, 8oz Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Ribeye Steak, 8oz Himalayan Salt Dry Aged Sirloin Steak, 8 Chicken Thighs.

Sauce & Spice:
Manfood Beer Mustard, Made For Meat Black Garlic Sauce, Spice Wali - Meat Spice.

Vegetables & More:
Asparagus, Baby Potatoes 500g, Broccoli 500g, Button Mushrooms 500g, Carrots 1Kg, Courgette 250g, Fennel 500g, Spring Greens 400g, Fresh Chilies 100g, Green Beans 150g, Leeks 400g, Onions 1Kg, Spring Onions (bunch), Spinach (bunch), Fresh Thyme (pack).

Our meat

Locally sourced meats from Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Warwickshire produce our Torre Meadow beef which is aged to perfection! We often have Devon, British Blues and Shorthorns ensuring our beef is among the best you will ever eat.

Our Torre Meadow lamb is Grade A Local Charolaise and Suffolk crossed which is incredibly tender, tasty and consistent.

The lambs originate from the rolling Cotswold Hills, near the border of Wiltshire and Berkshire. It is a dual-use breed providing both meat and wool.

Our pork is locally sourced from Orchard Farm who have been rearing pigs for over 33 years. They predominately produce this Large White breed true to its name and is a big white-skinned pig, with erect ears and a dished face. We use this pork in our homemade sausage range.

Today at Orchard Farm the pig has the luxury of dropped apples direct from the Orchard (hence where the farm name originates from) and reared as a FREE RANGE product in Great Windsor Park, Ascot, Berkshire. The fields are spacious and very rural, where the pigs have plenty of space to come and go as they please.

All of our chicken is Highbury Cotswold from Shropshire, Highbury Poultry is a small independent private company with over 50 years’ experience in rearing and producing live poultry. The site is 100% Halal slaughter, higher lever BRC accredited, Red Tractor Approved and HACCP controlled. All their farms are within a 50-mile radius ensuring a full and local provenance. This flavoursome and natural English Chicken has superb taste.

Norfolk Bronze Turkeys are free Range with access to paddocks and fed on a mixture of pellets, cereals and apples. Reared to the highest standard they are popular with our customers due to their succulent, tasty meat.