The One With The Large Fruit & Veg Snacks

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A very popular new addition to our fruit & veg boxes. The Large Fruit & Veg Snacks box is full of raw fruit & veg that you can snack on right out of the box - No cooking required!

Double the size of our Fruit & Veg Snacks box, this is ideal for a larger family.

All of our fruit is sourced from local farmers, growers, and suppliers and is delivered to us on a daily basis. We do not stock fresh fruit of any kind and donate any leftovers at the end of the day. This ensures that you receive the freshest fruit possible.

You will not be disappointed!

The Large Fruit & Veg Snacks Box contains the following:
2 Avocado, Plum tomatoes 1Kg, 2 Cucumber, Mixed peppers 1.2Kg, Carrots 2Kg, 2 Radish packets, Bananas 2Kg, Cripps Pink apples 2Kg, Granny Smith apples 2Kg, 2 Green grape punnets, Easy peelers 2Kg, and 4 Kiwis.

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