The One With The Meat Pies


If you are a pie lover, then the Meat Pie Box is for you. We have also included quiche because it's just too good to leave out!

We track down the best pies you will ever eat and bundle them together in a box delivered to your door. The pies in the Meat Pie Box will change subject to seasonal availability. They will always be pies of the highest quality!

A previous Meat Pie Box contained the following:
Handmade Beef & Guinness Pie (large), Handmade Cheese & Tomato Quiche (large), Handmade Cheese, Leek and Potato Pie, Handmade Chicken & Ham Pie, Handmade Mediterranean Lamb Pie, Handmade Steak & Ale Pie (large)

Who ate all the pies?