The One With The Low-Calorie Snacks


Snacking is good for you if you eat the right things!

If you are forever grabbing the wrong type of snacks between meals and would like nutritious snacks that are low on calories then this box could be a weekly hit with you.

You will receive 10 snacks in every box which is designed to give you two snacks per day, 1 at that hangry brunch time and another while your thinking about eating 'something small' before dinner. By sticking to your 3 meals a day routine with these snacks in between, you can't go wrong, can you?

A typical Low-Calorie Snacking Box contains the following:
Cranberry snack shot mango chunks, Cranberry snack shot raw nuts, Ember chilli beef cuts, Ember original beef cuts, Flower & white meringue bar, Graze share bags - veggie salt & pepper protein power, I love snacks - natural Italian olives, Mr filberts - Peruvian pink peppercorn cashews & peanuts, Emily crisps - spring greens vegetable crisps, I love snacks - gently dehydrated baby pineapple.