The One With The Chocolate


Calling all chocolate lovers!

This Chocolate box is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for chocolate. A monthly fix, full of amazing chocolate!

This amazing chocolate box will introduce you to new brands, flavours and passionate chocolate makers. As the box contents change regularly to keep your chocolate fix fresh, the following is an example of a recent box.

A recent Chocolate Box contained the following:
Beech's Fine Chocolates Rose Creams, Beechs Fine Chocolates Classic Mint Creams, Chocolarder 100% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar, Cocoba 90% Dark Chocolate Bar, Chocolarder Pure White 40% White, Cocoba Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, Cocoba Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb, Cox&Co. Bee Pollen & Honey Chocolate Bar, Gnaw Milk Chocolate Banoffee Pie Bar, Gnaw Milk Chocolate Buttons.

This is the perfect box for all chocoholics.