The One With The BBQ Meat

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Don't let the weather stop your BBQ aspirations. 

Berkshires finest beef! Sourced from the Bovingdon family at Broad View Farm in Cold Ash. Our beef is native, grass fed and aged on the bone to create superior flavour.

We select our lambs from a range of suppliers and small independents throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Oxfordshire to ensure a constant supply all year round of fantastic quality English lambs.

Working with only trusted suppliers, we can ensure the quality of our beautiful English pork.
Using free range pigs from breeds such as Berkshires and Gloucester Old Spot from local, smaller independent farms as well Landrace from our suppliers in Oxfordshire & Wiltshire. Our great tasting pork ensures great crackling every time.

All of our chicken is Highbury Cotswold from Shropshire, Highbury Poultry is a small independent private company with over 50 years’ experience in rearing and producing live poultry. The site is 100% Halal slaughter, higher lever BRC accredited, Red Tractor Approved and HACCP controlled. All their farms are within a 50-mile radius ensuring a full and local provenance. This flavoursome and natural English Chicken has superb taste.

We do the meat, you do the cooking!

The contents of the BBQ Box are the same each month subject to availability. If any items need replacing, you will be notified. 

The BBQ Box contains the following:
8 x Beef Burgers, 6 Hand Linked Pork Sausages, 4 Chicken breasts, 4 Chicken Legs, Spice Wali Chicken Spice and Stubbs Chicken Marinade.

If you have never tried a Spice Wali Chicken Spice, you are in for a treat. This does for chicken what tomato does for pizza!

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