Old Winchester 200g


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The cheese is now a much dryer harder and crystalline cheese, becoming more reminiscent of an old gouda with a distinctive nuttiness in flavour.

Affectionally is known as “Old Smales”, Old Winchester is a firm pressed, washed curd, pasteurised cows’ milk cheese. Handmade by Mike & Judy Smales on their farm in Wiltshire, the cheese has a crunchy crystalline texture and a flavour that becomes more intense and pronounced with age. The cheese is matured for about 18 months and is reminiscent of an Aged Gouda with a distinctive nuttiness in the flavour profile. Old Winchester is made with vegetarian rennet and can be used as a veggie-friendly replacement for Parmesan Reggiano, the famous Italian cheese, used in pasta and gratin dishes. Delicious as a table cheese with fresh fruits.

Net weight: 200g

Contains cows milk

Origin: United Kingdom
Region: Romsey
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