Deliciously Ella Fruit & Nut Museli


Gluten-free jumbo oats with raisins, almonds, dried apricots, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds.

Great taste 2019. With almonds, apricots & pumpkin seeds. Plant-based deliciousness. Gluten-free. High in fibre. Source of protein. Vegan friendly. Our Fruit & Nut Muesli is deliciously simple. Made with just six ingredients, we mix gluten-free jumbo oats with juicy raisins, sweet apricots, crunchy almonds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. It takes time to create the perfect muesli, so we make each bag in small batches. How We Like It: Nutty Muesli With a dollop of almond butter, coconut yoghurt and fresh berries. Fruity Bowl With fresh mango, peaches, passionfruit and coconut milk.

IngredientsGluten-Free Jumbo Oats (72%), Raisins (10%), Almonds (7%), Dried Apricots (5%), Pumpkin Seeds (5%), Chia (Salvia Hispanica) Seeds (2%)


Nutrition facts (per 100 g):

Energy 1573 kJ / 376 kcal
Fat 10.5 g
- of which: saturated fat 1.5 g
Carbohydrates 52.5 g
- of which: Sugar 9.7 g
Fibres 8.5 g
Proteins 14.1 g
Salt 0.02 g
Packaging: Pouch

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