Boneless Pork Leg 1.9kg-2.1kg


Very high-quality pork leg roast without the bone!

A wonderful cut of meat that will not disappoint. Our master butchers prepare your meat after your order to ensure freshness. The highest quality pork leg that will leave you spellbound!

Average weight varies between 1.9kg - 2.1kg

Our pork

Our pork is locally sourced from Orchard Farm who have been rearing pigs for over 33 years. They predominately produce this Large White breed true to its name and is a big white-skinned pig, with erect ears and a dished face. We use this pork in our homemade sausage range.

Today at Orchard Farm the pig has the luxury of dropped apples direct from the Orchard (hence where the farm name originates from) and reared as a FREE RANGE product in Great Windsor Park, Ascot, Berkshire. The fields are spacious and very rural, where the pigs have plenty of space to come and go as they please.