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Online training

66% of home-cooks we partner with have no food hygiene training or commercial cooking experience. To ensure all cooks have the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare meals in a safe and clean environment, we provide free online training to those who need it.

Meal creation

You will be cooking meals that customers can re-heat and enjoy at their convenience in the days after delivery. More commonly known as 'Ready Meals'. This is the evolution of the recipe box with a homemade twist! You are encouraged to come up with five meal ideas that will enable customers to order a five-day food box, and we will assist you every step of the way.

Customer ordering

Customers can order meal boxes for one to four people, for three or five days. A one person meal box for five days would contain five meals. We process orders online, take care of all customer service, and deliver the meal boxes ourselves. All meals are packaged in a temperature controlled environment to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.


We order meals from home-cooks based upon customer demand, and you will always have 48 hours notice to prepare your meals for collection by one of our wonderful drivers.


All meal boxes have the same packaging to ensure continuity. Home-cooks are able to order packaging from us as and when they require supplies. Packaging is premium and cost effective.


We are available to support you with every part of your journey. From meal ideas, business support and financial obligations. We can even help you set prices to ensure profitability.

Fully protected orders with Route+

Route+ at point of checkout

Customers have the option of purchasing Route+ which activates an exclusive option within the Route App that enables package protection and one-click refunds and reorders. We are upping the game!

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Do I need cooking experience?

You do not need any professional or paid work experience to join the Hungrily platform as a home-cook. We are well aware of the passion and talent that exists among home-cooks who have simply not had the opportunity to cook for a living. Do not let this restriction stop you pursuing your cooking dreams. We certainly don't!

How much does it cost to join Hungrily?

It is 100% free to join Hungrily as a home-cook. There are plans for this to change in the future but if you join us for free, you will never have to pay anything to feature as a home-cook on the platform. Future cooks will pay a small monthly subscription that will cover administration and training costs associated with running the platform.

Do I need a home inspection?

Yes, your home kitchen will be required to be 'inspected' by your local environmental health department. This department is part of your local council and is covered in more detail within the e-learning platform. We also assist with the registration process, which is free of charge. Do not fear the home visit as it is designed to ensure your kitchen and knowledge of food safety is at the required standard to prepare and cook food safely. Your visit will always come after you have completed the training. Therefore your knowledge will be at the required level.

What size is a portion?

This is a lot easier to determine that you may at first realise. The packaging that we provide is designed to fit a portion of food, so you should aim to fill the package. We do provide several sizes of packaging, so you are easily able to create meals for two and accommodate oversized items.

How much commission do I pay to Hungrily?

You do not pay us any commission whatsoever! Instead, you set a sale price of your meals to us, and we set pricing accordingly on the website for customers. Inevitably, there is a price increase between what we pay you and what we sell the meals online for. This enables us to provide the service.

Who sets the prices of the meals?

Pricing can seem somewhat daunting. However, we can advise you every step of the way to ensure you can make a profit while providing a cost-effective product for customers!

How do I calculate profits?

We have built a profit calculator and will give you access to this during your training and administration phase. You will input your ingredients, and the price you pay for them and the calculator will provide you with a wholesale guide price that you should charge us. The price provided by the calculator is just a guide and in no way the final price, but you will at least have the figures at hand to make a more informed pricing decision.

What if customers do not like my meals?

All you can do is cook the best food possible and accept that not everyone will like it. It is impossible to cater for every individual taste bud out there! If we receive negative feedback from customers about your food, we will inform you immediately so that you are able to assess what is being said and make any changes if appropriate.

What happens if meals get lost in shipping?

This is almost impossible as we deliver 95% of orders ourselves using our own drivers and vehicles. In the unlikely event that a package is lost or damaged then we will replace it at our cost. Once food leaves your home, it becomes our responsibility to ensure it arrives with a customer. We also offer all customers the opportunity to add Route+ insurance to their orders. More about Route+

Is the training really free?

Yes! The Hungrily online training is completely free to home-cooks.

Will I receive a certificate after I complete the training?

Once you complete the food safety training you will receive a certificate to acknowledge your achievement.

Is there any long term commitment?

All home-cooks sign an agreement with us that outlines some basic terms and conditions and as part of these there is a 90 day notice period to leave the platform. If you have emergency reasons and need to leave the platform before this, please just let us know. We only want happy home-cooks!

I have no commercial cooking experience, will I succeed?

Even the world's best cooks started somewhere! Two things will determine your success when cooking from home. Firstly and most importantly is the quality of the food you are producing. If you cook from the heart and cook what you love to eat, then others are likely to enjoy your food. Secondly, the amount of exposure Hungrily drives towards your food box will help to drive sales. We will do our part and ask that you cook with passion and love!

What type of meals should I cook?

This is the question that we receive most often, and while we fully understand that creating a menu from scratch is not easy, our experience tells us to tell you to cook what you enjoy eating. There is no point cooking meals that you do not enjoy yourself as your motivation can quickly decline, which in turn lowers standards. We would advise you to sit down with a pen and paper and make a list of the foods and meals that make you smile most, involve family and friends and ask them what meals of yours they enjoy most. Once you have a list, which will be longer than you can imagine right now, choose the meals you want to add to your menu.

How busy will I be?

We call this the crystal ball question as we struggle most with this one. As a new business we do not have the data to accurately predict your sales at this time. However, as we develop and grow we will be introducing prediction matrix powered by AI that will more accurately predict your sales volume based upon your cuisine and number of meals.

Can I quit my job and focus on Hungrily full-time?

It makes sense to us that budding cooks and entrepreneurs would like nothing more than to quit their jobs and work for themselves from home. However, lets not run before we can walk! Join as a home-cook, complete any necessary training and administration, and we will add your meals and then assess your sales over the following three months. If you believe you can survive on the income, you are generating, then go for it.