Our food boxes are feeding the nation

Our high-quality, premium food boxes are shipped all over the UK to people that demand more from the food they eat. We work with local farmers and manufacturers to ensure that every Hungrily food box is packed full of the finest foods money can buy.

What's all the fuss?

It feels like a long time ago that Hungrily was exclusively a homemade food delivery service. Before Covid-19, we worked with home-cooks to assist them with their small businesses in the food industry.

Our training programme and support with menu management provided customers with a safe and delicious way to enjoy homemade meals.

During the outbreak of the pandemic we shifted our business model to online groceries, and from there we evolved into what we have become today, a leader in the food box space.

How it all started

As a homemade food delivery service, we worked with more than 1,500 home-cooks across the UK. We provided full food safety training for every home-cook that didn't possess the required qualification to ensure that all home-cooks understood the importance of food hygiene and food safety.

Our platform was aimed at the fast-food market demographic, and we were in direct competition with Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats.

We were due to close our first fundraising round of £1.3M in March 2020, but the pandemic but a stop to this as investors pulled out of the transaction. This major disappointment could have been catastrophic to us as a business but proved to be a blessing in disguise.

Where we are today?

Nowadays, we work with high-quality suppliers that traditionally supply Michelin star restaurants and 5-star hotels, as well as suppliers that offer organic and less known premium brands. We wanted to create a food box service that couldn't be replicated for quality and customer service.

Due to the experience, we gained as a homemade food delivery service; we already had custom-built technology, customers and delivery drivers so the transition we made wasn't as drastic as it may at first appear.

In keeping with our roots, we continue to work with selected home-cooks to bring our customers the most amazing homemade food in the form of ready meals, and you will find several homemade ready meal food boxes available to order. Our home-cooks are incredibly passionate, and their food is delicious.


Mark Ridgeon

As CEO, Mark is tasked with making Hungrily the first choice for customer food box experiences.

George Scott-Welsh

George is a very accomplished Operations and Commerical Director and is passionate about food.

Charlotte Ridgeon

Charlotte is a formidable Customer Services Director and strives to keep our service at the pinnacle.

The Hungrily mission…

We are on a mission to allow more people to buy better food at great prices, without having to worry about the everyday shopping experience. We partner with the very best food producers. We will remain vigilant in our search for the UK's most outstanding products, to further push the boundaries of food box shopping and deliver our customers the number one food box shopping experience in the country.


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