The One With The Fig Ball


This cheese box contains delicious figs from Southern Italy, that have been slowly baked and wrapped in their own leaves. A perfect accompaniment to this cheeseboard.

These fig balls are baked low and slow for a delicious caramelised texture. Sticky and sweet, they make a perfect great pairing with artisan cheese. Place the fig ball on your cheese board and peel back the leaves when ready to serve. Each whole fig ball contains approximately 20 individual fig balls inside for simple serving.   

Paired with global award-winning cheese. What could possibly be better?

Your cheese box will contain the following

Cheddar Pounder, Mini Waxed Stilton, Celtic Soft Cheese, Gooseberry Fruit Cheese, A Baked Fig Ball, Rosemary Wafers and Biscuits for cheese.

A real statement-making cheeseboard, especially if you want to impress!