The One With The Cheese & Charcuterie


What could be better than a selection of award-winning cheese paired with award-winning charcuterie?

Take your cheeseboard to the next level with a selection of the finest charcuterie in the UK!

Your cheese & charcuterie box will contain 3- 4 kinds of cheese and 2 types of charcuterie. An example of a previous box:
250g Smoked Lincolnshire Poacher, 200g Celtic Soft, 250g Cashel Blue, 200g Paxtons Cave Aged 250g, Biscuits for Cheese., Manx Coppa 60g and Manx Chorizo Extra Piquante 100g.

You will always receive at least 3 cheeses and 2 types of charcuterie, selected by our experts, and biscuits to accompany.