Why Do Fruit Prices Change?

Why Do Fruit Prices Change?

We pay our suppliers the market rate to ensure their business not only survives - but thrives!

Traditional supermarkets dictate the price they are willing to pay farmers for their fruit and vegetables. The current market rate of the produce itself is irrelevant to the pricing structure that is set between the farmer and the supermarket. 

Due to the enormous volume that supermarkets purchase from farmers, they are rightly worried by addressing this issue head-on through fear of losing the contract. Farmers are under considerable pressure to meet supply and in extreme cases, leaves them with mounting debt and vulnerable businesses.
The exact market price of fruit and vegetables changes daily, and although we keep our prices the same for a week, there are days whereby we absorb any pricing increase ourselves. We receive pricing updates from our suppliers each Sunday and update the price you pay for the week accordingly. 
We believe this method of openness, transparency and fairness to both our customers and our suppliers offers long term prosperity and is both morally and ethically the way business should 'be done'.

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