Food Boxes

The Food Box Revolution

Are you part of the food box revolution?

For the most part food boxes have been seen by most as non-essential and aimed at vulnerable people within society. Foodbank donations, shopping trolleys filling up at the end of checkout queues and perhaps a local convenience store is providing delivery service of essential items.

Have times now changed?

The simple answer to this question is yes; the perception of food boxes has wholly changed. Food box suppliers have refined their offering to contain not only essential items but the luxury things we all enjoy in life. Would you have ever considered buying a food box containing entirely craft beer, or English sparkling wine? Not your average "food" box!

Whether it's Covid-19 that has helped to shape the demand for food boxes, or a natural evolution in the way we all shop is yet to be determined. The answer to this debate will go on as long as the pandemic and most likely beyond that. With the convenience that buying a food box can bring to your busy lifestyle, the demand for them is here to stay. Almost all the supermarkets are starting to offer food boxes to their customers, so this highlights the importance they see in this fast-growing space. Although we do things very differently to a traditional supermarket, we have a range of premium food boxes available as one-off purchases or on a subscription basis if you would like regular deliveries without the need of repeat orders.
So, now could be your time to jump on the revolution train that is the FOOD BOX.

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